A Home is a reflection of its inhabitants, their activities, their needs and their life. In order to fit these unique needs almost all homes need some level of alterations. Visualizing  these alterations to existing spaces can go a long way to help people make a space their own.  

Existing Living room with a full wall between the Kitchen and the Living Room 


Sketch of the Living room with the wall opened to allow Kitchen views 

Every family is different and so are their preferences. Taking away small doubts which distract you from your big decision is one of my key task. Simple visuals can help enhance the desirability of any space and opens up the doors to various options that can be easily incorporated in any layout.

I bring this expertise as a free consultation to my clients. When you want the best features of your home not to be overlooked by that one wall that blocks the kitchen or that extra space in the master bedroom, these visual ideas to share with your buyers can do wonders.