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HOME is where life happens!

It's an embodiment of living, replenishing and growing. People live better in practical spaces they can connect to, are you connected with yours?

I bring two decades of knowledge and experience in Residential Architectural Design. Let me get the right value for your loved home and find you a home that makes sense for you.

I'm commited to your best interest in every situation and make your home buying or selling a great experience for both you and me.

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank Vandana for all the extra work she had to do to get this house closed. We really appreciate the due diligence and the extra mile she had to take to get us this wonderful house. This will not have been possible without knowing that she will be there now and later for us. This gives us the confidence to expand further. 
As an investor, this is my first experience working with Berkshire and must say she represented both her firm and her broker in very good light. I am sure they must be proud of her professionalism and strong ability to close deals through hard work. 
Thanks again Vandana for providing such wonderful buying experience"

The Bamba Family